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Important Science News: Pacific Rim-Style Drifting Between Two People Is Totally Real

If you’ve always wanted to pilot your own Jaeger (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), have hope; for the first time ever, a study has proven that two people can transfer thoughts between their brains without the help of talking, writing, or any sort of invasive technology. I think I would like to name my Jaeger “Feminist Killjoy.”

Scientists from Duke University published a study called “Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies” this summer, in which they establish for the first time ever that “mind-to-mind” communication between “conscious activity” of two people is entirely possible. 

Pacific Rim AU: Into the drift


Tony was taken back when Steve snapped. He wouldn’t lie, he never piloted a Jaeger before and of course he would only read about the symptoms and the after effects such a violent separation would cause to the victims. “No. No, I haven’t”, he replied calmly. “You can’t pilot solo and I don’t give the big shot orders around here. All I know is that he will definitely try and find you a new co pilot. You don’t like this, you go shout at him if you have the guts to do so.” 

"I believe that I know quite a lot. I wouldn’t be standing here if I wasn’t more than qualified to do this", he gritted his teeth.

Steve returned a dark chuckle. “You can’t tell
someone who has piloted solo that they can’t,
Stark.” He refused to break eye contact this time,
as intimidating as he was, he wasn’t going to back
down. “Watch me.” Steve pushed himself away
from the desk and paced for the large iron-clad
door, pulling it open with a yank that created a
large screech from the sheer weight he had just shifted. 

"You don’t know as much as you think." 



"Don’t worry about it, my sweet honeysuckle.                                                                           Sorry Steve. As much as I love you. I had to.”

"Wanda, be rational now, I don’t care what it’s
for but if you return it to SHIELD HQ then no
more questions will be asked on the matter.” 



"I did it for the Vine!" 

"The what?" 



"Ooo snap. I’m in trouble now.." 

"Why did you steal it, Wanda?" 

"Don’t play dumb with me, pal." 



(So I promised invincibleshellhead and xstrange I’d draw something very special for Illuminaughty. HAAAA.)

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